Critical Thinking about Radiation

By Steve Moyer

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1. Radiation fundamentals

- Alpha, beta and gamma

- Different isotopes go to different parts of body

- Internal exposure is worse than external exposure

- your body is capable of expelling radiation naturally

- maintain a healthy immune system

- nuclear fleas - difficult to detect a single flea

- radiation causes free radicals

- air filters

- sewage sludge

2. Reducing exposure

- know your environment ( detection )

- stay out of the rain

- face mask

- HEPA air filter ( potential danger for car/home filters )

- keep shoes outside the house

- cleanliness is a virtue ( stop biting your fingernails )

- drink pure water ( reverse osmosis or distilled water )

- avoid fresh dairy products ( eat old cheese - pre march,2011 , packaged milk )

- avoid seafood unless checked with geiger counter

- avoid beef

3. Maintain healthy immune system

- Vit c, zinc gluconate, vit.a

- SOD, Co-Enzyme Q10

- selenium, resveratrol

4. Detox once contaminated

- chelation therapy

- edible clays

- Burdock Root

- Kelp, Ginseng and Spirulina

- Miso

5. Keep the clean water flowing

This is the primary way your body will remove the radioactive particles.

6. Mental attitude

- life is calm

- meditation

7. Final thoughts

- Get a radiation detector

- Move to the Southern Hemisphere ( Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia )

- Request/demand better monitoring/reporting on air, water and food, especially seafood.

- Reject nuclear politicians

- Support renewable energy

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