A 3-Step Plan for Democracy in America

By Steve Moyer - Candidate for the U.S. Senate ( Vermont )
Oct. 5, 2005 ( my birthday! )

Listen to this!

Let's talk about the Democrats, the Democratic Party of the United States of America. They are the alternative on the scene, the alternative to the evil Republicans. And make it clear in your mind that the Republicans are evil. Anybody who consistently lies to you and deceives you, refuses to investigate the truth, refuses to tell you the truth, refuses to tell you that they lied to you and deceived you, and refuses to stand corrected in the light of the sun is evil. That's the right word for it. It has nothing to do with their ideas. I like some Republican ideas. But they refuse to tell the truth and for that reason they need to be buried in the pages of history. This party needs to go away. The Republicans are evil and we need to put them down with extreme prejudice ( peacefully, that is! ).

Our motto is: "Never vote Republican."

Regardless of what they say, regardless of what they do, this party must be put down. It's a rabid dog and it has bitten America. The law says you must put down the rabid dog. So let's put it down and be done with it.

Let's turn our attention to the Democrats and make the Democratic party into a party which supports the people. Democracy! It's in their name. They need to do it. The first thing we need to do is throw out the Democratic Leadership Council. That means throwing out the Clintons. My God, these two people are poll politicians. They look at the polls and decide what they are going to do.

I voted for Bill Clinton the first time because I thought he was going to give this country health care. When Hillary Clinton came out with her health care plan I was shocked! It was more insurance mandates. The government has abandoned its responsibility to provide health care when it goes to the insurance companies and says "You provide health care. We'll make the law which says the people have to turn their money over to you." That's wrong. If the government wants to provide health care then the government needs to collect the money and distribute it.

I envision a day when an individual who needs health care can simply go to their local community health care center and receive health care. Insurance is totally ridiculous. Why do you need people in the middle taking a cut for themselves? It's ridiculous. You don't need them.

So here's the 3-step plan for democracy in America:

  1. Get rid of the Republican party ( "Never vote Republican" )
  2. Get rid of the Democratic Leadership Council
  3. Make the Democratic party into a democracy. We can do this by using the internet.

The internet is patiently waiting for us, saying "I'd like to help democracy. Can I help?" The politicians have responded "You can help collect money so we can put advertising on television." That's what Howard Dean did in 2004 when he ran for President. He collected $50 million! What did he do with this money? He spent the majority of it on advertising. What a waste!

For only one million dollars the Democrats could create an incredibly wonderful Internet Democracy where people would be able to endorse specific proposals. Every politician, democrat, independent, libertarian ... whatever you might be ... could look at the results and say "I see what the people want. They want universal health care without any insurance involvement. OK. We'll give them that." Or they might say "The people want us to get out of Iraq. Well, let's figure out how to get out of Iraq. That's what the people want. Let's talk about it. People want alternative sources of energy. Well, let's do it."

Internet democracy is the answer. The Democratic party needs to turn to the people and say "What do you want us to do?" and then they need to do it. It's their choice, of course. They could choose to ignore the people. But once the people make it clear what they want I think the politicians will follow the people. We need to get rid of these "poll politicians" who look at the polls and say "What do the people want?"

But the polls only ask the questions which the pollsters want to ask. Do the people want a Department of Peace as Dennis Kucinich, a democrat, has suggested? I think they do. I think Americans want to go into the world and help people in a peaceful way. I envision this country doing that. Rather than using our foreign aid and military budgets to clobber people who refuse to go along with our selfish capitalist ways, we would go out and help people improve their lives. [Endorsements]

Do the people want a massive alternative energy program to free the WORLD from dependence on oil? Think big! Rather than just freeing America from dependence on oil, let's free the world from dependence on oil. Look into the idea of growing oil in algae ponds. There are plenty of places in the world which can grow oil. Algae can produce oil. With genetic engineering technology we can probably produce an algae which is even better at producing oil.

It's all there. The tools are there. The ideas are there. People are ready to move. Let's DO it!

Let's turn the Democratic party into a democracy. You pay your dues every year and you get a card. The card lets you vote on the Internet Democracy as a card-carrying member. Any anonymous person could wander into the web site and vote. But card-carrying members would count more among the politicians because there is a confirmed identity associated with their votes.

Stand up for what you believe! Have the courage to step forward and say "I want the United States out of Iraq and this is the specific plan I support."

Taking responsibility is the right thing to do. We need to get away from the idea that government is about force, that it's going to force solutions on it. Stop that! Get into the idea of "voluntary compliance." Study libertarianism because the libertarians have some good ideas. If we can mix libertarian principles with democratic ideals then we've got a good combo.

Stop relying on money as the solution at every juncture. Start looking at the people as the solution. We need a social safety net which is based on the people because the people really ARE willing to respond to the needs of the people. We are willing to help each other but we lack the communications infrastructure to do so. How can I help you if I'm ignorant of what you need? A little bit of money would go a long way towards putting people who have things to offer with those who need them. It doesn't need to be about money. It can be, but it doesn't need to be. That's the important thing.



Biodiesel fuels
"Recent studies using a species of algae that has oil contents of as high as 50 percent have shown 28,000 kmē or 0.3 percent ( 3/10th of one percent ) of the land area of the US could produce enough biodiesel to replace all transportation fuel the country currently utilizes."

"Libertarianism is a political philosophy which holds that all individuals should have the liberty to do as they wish with themselves and their property as long as those actions do not infringe on the same liberty of others. Coercion is ethically permissible only when employed in defense against an initiation. This ban on initiation of force, called the non-aggression principle, is central to the philosophy of many libertarians."

Universal Health Care
"Publicly funded medicine is a health care system that is financed wholly or in majority part by government funds (taxes or quasi-taxes). Publicly funded medicine is often referred to as 'socialized medicine' or 'nationalized medicine' by its opponents, whereas supporters of this approach tend to use the terms 'universal health care', 'single payer health care', or National Health Services."

Beyond Plutocracy : True Democracy for America ( free online book )
"America is not a democracy but a plutocracy. Plutocracy is governance by the wealthy. This book offers a true democratic process, consensus democracy, and other alterations to our government and society designed to move us beyond our current plutocracy, creating a more perfect union possessing greater justice, freedom and happiness for everyone.

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